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Your flight deck today are...

People in aviation often say that once you start a job in the industry , you’ll never leave.  It’s true. 
We are two close friends, who have spent our careers working in a variety of roles from cabin crew to ground operations, safety and engineering,  IT roles to management. We love the industry and are passionate av-geeks, some more than others, without mentioning any names! Clue - the one who can tell a Pratt and Whitney from a CFM at 35000 feet!

We decided to establish Doors2Manual as we are passionate about enabling iconic aircraft to live on, in the guise of collectable memorabilia, almost flying again in your homes, offices, bars, man caves, secret rooms.......

All parts will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity with, wherever possible, details of the aircraft it once belonged to. We are also passionate about recycling, so you may see that your packaging has been used before. We are just trying to do our bit for environment.

Check out our hangar shop and of course, ask us any questions by contacting us by email, DM on Fb/insta or our ‘Ding!’ Online chat. 

We look forward to flying with you. 

Drew and Aine.

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